A Jumble of Thoughts


Trying to get the book into any semblance of order seems to be more difficult than I imagined. It is a complex storyline and although I have researched the story fully and have it all in my mind, it is jumbled and fragmented.

I have in my mind a series of scenes, all of them vital to the story but in what order?

I have two stories, running in tandem, one is the main plot, the other a secondary plot that concerns the private life of the main character, they are inextricably interwoven and it is that interweaving and its necessary complexity that is making my life and the writing of the book so very difficult.

I have in mind that the book may not be worth the writing if everything comes easy, however, I have to confess that there are moments when I wished that I had settled for something rather more simple in structure.

The story covers three time periods and the effect that each has on the other; perhaps I have been overly ambitious…

I don’t know if anybody reads this blog and it has not bothered me to date, to my mind, the title says it all ‘Charting a Lonely Endeavor ‘ but if somebody should happen to stumble on this and has a word or two of advice for me, I would be eternally grateful.